Sunday, July 4, 2010

Marvin Gaye - Vulnerable (Released 1997) and The Star-Spangled Banner (NBA All-Star Game, 1983)

These recordings were the ones of his that Marvin Gaye held the most precious. In fact, he held on to them so tightly -- constantly re-arranging and re-recording his vocal perormances, obsessing over measuring up to the treasures of the Great American Songbook he had selected and the stunning arrangements he had commissioned -- that they never saw release in his lifetime. They were finally issued, as Vulnerable, in 1997, and have since lapsed out of print. So if you are snuggling up to your sweetie and feeling some "interdependence" at the end of this Independence Day, put this on and get ready to snuggle a little bit closer.

And if you need a gentle comedown from the fireworks and expressions of patriotism, I have added as a bonus track Marvin's radical reworking of The Star-Spangled Banner, which he performed at the NBA All-Star Game in 1983. It's as profound a deconstruction and reinterpretation of the National Anthem as Jimi Hendrix's was at Woodstock. And I've always loved the way Marvin's Gospel roots show in his version, as he sings, "Oh, say, does thy star-spangled banner yet wave", rather than "that".

Happy Independence Night. Enjoy.

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    The Star Spangled Banner The Master: 1961-1984 [Disc 4]
    Why Did I Choose You Vulnerable
    She Needs Me Vulnerable
    Funny, Not Much Vulnerable
    This Will Make You Laugh Vulnerable
    The Shadow Of Your Smile Vulnerable
    I Wish I Didn't Love You So Vulnerable
    I Won't Cry Anymore Vulnerable
    Why Did I Choose You [Alternate Vocal Performance] Vulnerable
    I Wish I Didn't Love You So [Alternate Vocal Performance] Vulnerable
    I Won't Cry Anymore [Alternate Vocal Performance] Vulnerable

  2. Thanks and you're welcome John -- hey, checked your profile, you're out in Amity eh? I'm up in Portland, hello there!

  3. Thanks a ton for the upload. I've wanted something more than the 'Best Of' for quite a while now.

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  5. Anonymous, um, thanks? Was it really necessary for you to reupload to rapid share, which sucks, and then just drop a link on my blog with no explanation? I'll leave it be for now while I think about it, but I think that's a little strange.

    And oh, M Turner... there is so much more you have to get besides this and a "Best Of"! The What's Going On album is a must-own -- I recommend the 2-disc deluxe edition that features Marvin performing the album's songs live, plus an alternate mix etc... but if that's too much at first then just the regular album will do! And his following album Let's Get it On is a legendary gettin'-busy album, so if you're planning on doing any of that, it's a must!

  6. Yeah, I thought about it, and I can't have a link here that I can't vouch for, so nah.



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