Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Definitive Del Amitri Rarities Series, Vol. 9: Live at Abbey Road

Yes, our previous post found our boys channeling rock history by recording themselves "Live at Leeds", and this time around, we find them in the hallowed halls of Abbey Road. And perhaps it's fitting that this is our last time 'round, as far as live Del Amitri goes, just as the Beatles' swan song was the album that bears the legendary studio's name. But fret not, Delheads, this is still not the end of our series.

This disc was included as a bonus with one version of the compilation The Best of Del Amitri: Hatful of Rain. Released simultaneously was the b-sides collection Lousy With Love we've mentioned several times here. It was sold in a slipcase that left room for the matching Hatful collection, but I don't know that it was ever sold in a set as Hatful with Lousy as an actual bonus disc. Apparently, there was some sort of slipcase to the Abbey Road two-fer, too, but my copy didn't have it. So if anyone has and can make a better scan of the above cover, please do. I found this low-res one online.

Any comments comparing, contrasting, and critiquing the four live Dels posts are eagerly welcomed. I haven't even listened to all this material in a while, so I might have to catch up with you all to form an opinion!

Coming up soon is a set of alternate versions of songs -- remixes, acoustic takes, instrumentals, and one performed "live in a car park at 3 AM" -- to round out our trip through the fine print of the Del Amitri (and del Amitri!) catalog. Following that, though, are another few surprise Currie favors (HAH!), so keep it tuned to The Rare Stuff!

Download info in comments. If you get the link, let us know what you think! :^)



  2. Thank You so very much for this series....Can't ever be enough of The Dels or Justin Currie.
    Is there any odd Uncle Devil Show stuff around?

  3. Great stuff, really enjoying all the Rarities!
    It got me to dig out the regular cds and relisten from 1st to last.
    -Tom Tom Brown

  4. Been looking for this for a while. Many thanks!

  5. Thanks again....almost missed all these when you changed the page look. Note to self...hit refresh! ;)

  6. Hello,
    I just wanted to thank you for allowing all of us access to your extensive Del Amitri series. I have enjoyed following the band thru the years and now the rarities you have shared with all the fans out here. I have made quite a few CDs from them and will enjoy them for many years to come.
    The Rug

  7. You're amazing!I can't believe all the material you have, thank you very much!

  8. Many many thanks for all the Dels stuff...just re-discovered this page!
    Had the luck of seeing Justin in Boston a month or two first time seeing him ever...what a great show..think I enjoyed it even more than Crowded House the other nite!

    Any chance of one of those shows floating around?

    Jon from RI

  9. Hi,
    megaupload have now gone the way of many great things... ie: BigMoney USA bullyboy division has squashed them! :-( is there a chance that you could repost these (and the other Dels stuff) on Zippy??? pretty please???

  10. Can you please please please please repost this ( and the other that are on megaupload ) in zippy? Please??/

  11. More Del Amitri, please!

  12. Thanks for these. Any chance of reposting the Del Amitri Rarities 6-10 on Zippyshare please?


If you get a link, let us know what you think!