Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Definitive Del Amitri Rarities Series, Vol. 8: Live at Leeds

Well, Del Amitri are great, but they aren't quite The Who, are they? So rather than releasing a Live at Leeds album of their own, they put three tracks each from the famous concert locale on the three CD singles for the title song from their penultimate album, Some Other Sucker's Parade. Actually, the tracks were originally due to appear on singles for the song "Medicine", but that release was withdrawn for ridiculous reasons pertaining to the BBC's arcane rules banning songs that might possibly be interpreted, by someone with a third grade education, bad hearing, and a hypertrophic imagination, to be commenting on current affairs. I don't remember what disaster its would-be release coincided with, and the whole thing's so stupid I don't even feel like looking it up right now.

Anyway, here are the nine Live at Leeds songs from the "Sucker's" singles, suckers! :^)

Driving With The Brakes On (Live at Leeds)/[Disc 1]
Move Away Jimmy Blue (Live at Leeds)/[Disc 1]
The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere (Live at Leeds)/[Disc 1]
Roll To Me (Live At Leeds)/[Disc 2]
Here And Now (Live At Leeds)/[Disc 2]
Hatful Of Rain (Live At Leeds)/[Disc 2]
Some Other Sucker's Parade (Live At Leeds)/[Disc 3]
Always The Last To Know (Live At Leeds)/[Disc 3]
Stone Cold Sober (Live At Leeds)/[Disc 3]

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  2. ok - what the hell are we going to do when this fantastic series ends?
    and how are you going to top this!

  3. I will SURELY be sad when it ends, that's for sure! Thanks again!!!

  4. JeffTPC, thanks a bunch for your efforts, a true work of heart! Excellent site, and I hope you'll be able to keep on with your work for us. Highly appreciated: the chairman

  5. Big Del Fan.
    This stuff is Great. Thanks A Lot.
    Justin Currie just finished a Short US Tour. Caught him in Minneapolis.
    There are a bunch of Great Fan videos on YouTube from the tour.
    Check them out.
    Search for Justin Currie & search the most recent.

  6. Thanks for posting this! I didn't have these singles, so I'm looking forward to hearing this show! I miss the Dels.

  7. Hey PopC, I have to admit that I was not familiar with the Dels music (I don't think I had ever heard them at all!), so, at first, the Dels posts didn't hold much interest, but your glowing comments (and those of the others) and dedication to these posts convinced me to give them a try. I've only listened to the first batch so far (WH-B's), but am very impressed, so I am now downloading the whole set and am looking forward to discovering all this new music from a (at least to me) 'new' artist. That is the great thing about a blog like yours, introducing great new music to those that may not have been exposed to it before. Thanks a lot, and thanks for all your work on the blog and posts.

  8. The 'incident' was Princess Diana's passing if I remember correctly. The thinking being the lyrics could be miscontrued to be about her life. Shame too as I heard it had a fantastic video, (something about an exterminator being called and using a bigger thing to eat each smaller pest?), and is an absolutely great song. (And, like you said, you'd have to be pretty daft to make that connection, and even more daft to believe it to be intentional.)

  9. Oh, and of course - great set and another HUGE thanks for uploading all this stuff. I did always like the 'Live at Leeds' version of TOTYLLYN.

    I was just thinking the other day that it was surprising we never got a 'real' Del Amitri LIVE CD. As you've pointed out, we kind of did - but they were always hidden in the singles (or included as super rare bonus discs).

  10. Jonathan: "TOTYLLYN" eh? Sounds like a Welsh surname! :^) Thanks for the reminder, it was indeed Diana's death that spurred "Medicine"'s withdrawal. Someone should compile a list of ridiculous examples of songs banned under that BBC policy.

    BB: You ain't heard nothing yet! Some more incredible b-sides are collected on Lousy With Love; I don't think I'll post it because it's still in print, and I wouldn't want to take a penny out of the band's pockets, but it shouldn't be too hard to find it. And you haven't lived till you've heard "Whiskey Remorse"! And then you'll have all their regular albums to catch up with. Enjoy the ride. You're a gentleman, thanks for the praise, and your blog is deserving of the same.

    Chairman, Gabriel, Anons, you're welcome, and Troy -- I miss 'em too, but Justin's new Great War album should scratch that itch for ya; several Dels play on it so it has that flavor. Anon, that tour sadly didn't come near enough to here for me to catch it, but thanks for the tip on the YT vids.

  11. I've bought every possible official burp and fart by the Magnificent Dels and by Justin Currie, yet there's STILL a couple of things here that I hadn't got. Thanks for filling the gaps!

  12. Any chance of a repost please?

  13. any chance of reposts?

  14. Thanks for these. Any chance of reposting the Del Amitri Rarities 6-10 on Zippyshare please?


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