Friday, July 2, 2010

Patti Smith - One Common Wire: A Gung Ho Conversation with Patti Smith [Interview, 2000]

Hi all, I don't have too much energy to type a lot tonight, so I'll just let Patti do the talking. And boy is she a brilliant and fascinating talker, as you might imagine. So even if you think an interview might bore you, this one might not. 

I've removed the six Gung Ho album tracks from the running order of the interview disc. If you want to put them back in, this is their original placement: 

Track 1: "Glitter In Their Eyes:
Track 9: "Lo And Beholden"
Track 17: "Persuasion"
Track 23: "China Bird"
Track 30: "Gone Pie"
Track 38: "Grateful"

One other fun fact I realized while preparing this post: Patti's producer on the "Gung Ho" album was one Gil Norton, who also produced the Change Everything album for none other than Del Amitri. Six degrees of Del Amitri, anyone?

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