Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ray Charles Bootleg Question

Hi all,

Just a shot-in-the-dark question, maybe someone knows something, or knows someone who knows something about this:

I once heard of a Ray Charles bootleg in which one of Ray's backing musicians suddenly gets on mike and starts berating his boss, telling the audience how Ray takes advantage of his musicians, doesn't pay or treat them well, etc.  

Anyone else heard of this, know what this show is or where to find it?

Jeff TPC


  1. I would LOVE to hear that, but sadly I have no idea where I'd even start looking. Sorry Jeff.

  2. Not familiar with that one, but it sounds like a parallel of the "Buddy Rich bus tapes" where one of his musicians tapes Buddy berating/ranting at his musicians during a bus trip!

  3. Thanks for the response Unheard! And yeah Anon, that Buddy Rich tape is classic. I hope some Ray collector knows what I'm talking about here, though, or maybe it's a myth or I dreamed it!

  4. Its on a comp called "nick bougas presents celebrities at their worst"
    all the buddy rich is on there, the ray charles you mentioned and another where he gets pissed about a request. a ton of other GREAT stuff.
    well worth buying.

  5. sorry,
    here you go...

  6. Thanks zenta! Might just have to make that purchase.

  7. Hi, here's the full story, inc. the sound bite.

  8. Most excellent! Thank you Bob. A fascinating and entertaining little episode.

  9. Looks like you shot yer wad posting all the Del Amitri.


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