Monday, August 19, 2013

REPOST: The Definitive Del Amitri Rarities Series, Vol. 3: The Change Everything B-Sides

Justin Currie was in some kinda zone when it came to writing songs for Del Amitri Mk. II's second album, Change Everything. So much so that just as many great songs appeared only as single b-sides as made it on to the album. Such was the high quality of these songs that several of them were tapped for the Lousy With Love collection, which explains why several classics among these -- e.g. "Whiskey Remorse", "Long Journey Home", "The Verb To Do" -- are not present here. What is here are three covers (Neil Young's "Don't Cry No Tears", The Faces' "Cindy Incidentally", and The Go-Betweens' "By Bye Pride" [sic]); one instrumental ("Kestrel Road"); and the period's remaining four still-pretty-darn-great, otherwise-unreleased sides. "The Heart Is A Bad Design" is a particular fave.  

Del-icious Rare Stuff!

And don't forget to check out Justin Currie's newest album, The Great War -- UPDATED: Justin has a BRAND NEW album out, Lower Reaches.

Contents (Title/Source):
Learn To Cry/Always The Last To Know
Angel On The Roof/Always The Last To Know
Lighten Up The Load/Be My Downfall
The Heart Is A Bad Design/Be My Downfall
Don't Cry No Tears/Just Like A Man
Bye Bye Pride/Just Like A Man
Cindy Incidentally/Just Like A Man
Kestrel Road /When You Were Young [Disc 2]

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