Monday, August 19, 2013

del Amitri - The Debut Album: Remastered Bonus Track Edition

 Without too much ado, here is the out-of-print 2003 Superfecta Records reissue of the brilliant first album of the small-"d" del Amitri - actually, the ONLY album by this original incarnation (and capitalization) of the band. See this post for my comments on this era. 

To the original album's ten songs, this release added both b-sides from the 12" of the album's first single, "Sticks and Stones Girl" - see below for the companion-piece cover artwork - and, technically, the ONLY single from the album, as the next one released was a RE-RECORDED version of the album's "Hammering Heart" (also available at the post linked above).

LINK in comments; why not leave one yourself when you go grab it - or, if you haven't heard this music before, have a listen, then come back and let us know what you think! 

1. Heard Through A Wall
2. Hammering Heart
3. Former Owner
4. Sticks And Stones Girl
5. Deceive Yourself
6. I Was Here
7. Crows In The Wheatfield
8. Keepers
9. Ceasefire
10. Breaking Bread
11. This King Is Poor (Sticks & Stones Girl b-side)
12. The Difference Is (Sticks & Stones Girl b-side)
13. Lines Running North (Hammering Heart b-side)
14. Brown Eyed Girl (Hammering Heart b-side)


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  2. Great to see your blog active again. Thanks for the d/Del Amitri!

  3. Hi, are the Del Amitri download links still available? Regards, Phil

  4. Hi, will the first Del Amitri album and bonus tracks be available for download again? What about the later b-sides?
    Regards, Phil

  5. Hi, great blog with great stuff.....i'm a big fan of del amitri, can u post this one in flac format?....i'm trying to compiled singles & b-sides in flac format to do a "definitive" collection, i'm appreciate to much if u help me :-)....thanks a lot....


If you get a link, let us know what you think!