Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thanks, readers!

Hi folks,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank publicly a few readers who've made valued contributions to me and the blog of late:

Thanks to reader Todd who sent a link to the missing Patti track, "Perfect Day", I requested in that post; that track is now available via the link now posted in the comments there.

Thanks to reader William who fulfilled my request for long-sought boots by Winter Hours, the great N.J.-based, '80s folk-rock band who had a huge impact on me back in my youth. Those tracks will be posted here in the near future for those who loved 'em to relish, and those who never heard of 'em to discover.

And finally, thanks to the reader (and fellow blogger) who made a donation to Paypal in appreciation of the music I shared here, specifically prompted by my request on one of my Elvis Costello Trainspotter posts. Anyone wishing to emulate such behavior would be most welcome! :^) 

Seriously, gentlemen, thank you one and all. And everyone who comments on posts here is much appreciated as well. It's a pleasure sharing all this great music with people, and feedback like all of the above makes it even more worthwhile.

If you'd like to chip in yourself, just consider checking out one or two of those commercial messages in the right column each time you visit, and/or making Amazon purchases through the links in these posts. 

Jeff, the PopCulturist

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