Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Favorite Boots, Part 2: Blood, Sweat & Tears WITH AL KOOPER!!!

Hot off the press at the great Guitars 101 forum, something of a dream find for me -- what may well be the only known live recording of the Al Kooper-led, original lineup of Blood, Sweat & Tears!  The whole crew from the immortal Child is Father to the Man album is here, along with two songs from that debut -- though one takes 18 minutes to play through here!; an early version of You've Made Me So Very Happy before David Clayton-Thomas got his clumsy mitts on it; and, amazingly, a Traffic cover!  Also there's a long, and also somewhat clumsy, interview with Kooper and others, which makes me wonder whether this really is an audience tape as listed here, or just a poor-quality radio broadcast, perhaps from a college or community station that couldn't afford good enough equipment to record a show with an eight-piece rock band in '68.  Anyway, I 'bout hit the roof when I came across this baby the other night, and Zeppo who posted it on G101 kindly allowed me to pass it on to you all here. Thanks Zep -- YOU've made ME so very happy, with these delicious morsels of The Rare Stuff!  :^D

UPDATE: On Track 2, "You've Made Me So Very Happy" is followed by "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" on the same track.  Anyone wanna split 'em up and re-up, feel free - just let us know!  Also, from the stage someone (probably Kooper) says that this gig is actually only the first time the band has played out of its hometown of NYC, and only the third venue (though not, I don't think, the third show) they've ever played.  In the notes to the Child reissue Kooper says they only went on a "brief promotional tour" before he was booted from the band, so this really is a rare show indeed - thank goodness it was taped!  It took place, by the way, two days after the release of the album.  The interview, meanwhile, is with Jim Fielder, who also played with latter-day Buffalo Springfield, and is worth a listen if you're curious about the band.  Oh, and I guess I shouldn't have been so shocked at the Traffic cover -- turns out their version appeared on the first post-Kooper, self-titled BS&T album that was released a year later and sold a bajillion copies.  Meanwhile, "Camille", Kooper says onstage, "will be our first single if everything goes as it should". Obviously, everything didn't! The track ultimately appeared on his first solo album, I Stand Alone.

Blood Sweat & Tears - 1968-02-23 - Boston, MA
The Psychedelic Supermarket
Boston, Massachusetts
February 23rd, 1968
Excellent Audience Recording

Al Kooper - Organ, Vocals
Steve Katz - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Fielder - Bass
Bobby Colomby - Drums 
Fred Lipsius - Alto Sax
Dick Halligan - Trombone
Jerry Weiss - Trumpet
Randy Brecker - Trumpet

1. More & More
2. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy/
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
3. Morning Glory
4. Camille
5. Smiling Phases
6. Somethin’ Goin’ On
7. Interview


  1. Awesome!!! I've always wanted a live BS&T concert with the original lineup. There is a "hidden" track in this concert. The reason You've Made Me So Very Happy is over 10 minutes is because it segues into I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know. So this concert is actually comprised of 7 songs excluding the interview.

    1. I was at this performance on Feb. 23, 1968 at the Psychedelic Supermarket and it was really good. Tickets were so cheap (under $5) but you had to sit on the floor!

  2. Hi Art! Thanks for pointing that out! I just discovered that last night while finally sitting down and listening to the whole thing. I am gonna add that info to the original post. Glad you're as psyched as I am about the existence of this tape!

  3. Thanks! Also, check this out: and search Blues Project. It's a great FM broadcast from Bond's Casino in NYC w/ an amazing version of "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" that goes on for almost 15 mins!- complete with Al doing his best James Brown routine.

  4. Interesting that BS&T was already playing Smiling Phases and You've Made Me So Very Happy live, with Al Kooper, before he quit the band and they recorded them without him.
    That explains why Al Kooper is credited as "arranger" on both these songs on the self-titled album he doesn't play on.

  5. It's great that people are still discovering this. I discovered the master tape of this in a friends basement about 5 years ago. The tape was labeled "Jimi Hendrix Interview" and this recording was after the interview. It was recorded by a writer for The New England Scene magazine in 1968.
    The tape was sold to the Hendrix estate and Eddie Kramer was kind enough to transfer the BS&T show to digital for me. I contacted Al Kooper and told him I had the tape and he did not believe me saying "there is no live recording of the original band in existance".. I offered to give him a copy but he was really a jerk to me and told me to contact his manager. So I uploaded to for all the real fans to hear. The response was overwhelming and it was downloaded thousands of times.
    Anyway, the master 1/4 inch tape is in the Hendix vaults and I have the only digital master transferred by Eddie Kramer.

  6. Hi Anonymous! I wish you'd left some contact info! Thanks a gajillion for your discovery and sharing of this incredible artifact. Yeah, Kooper can be kind of a dick. Too bad Eddie couldn't tweak the sound just a bit more, but it's still an amazing sounding tape for its time and, especially, rarity. Thanks again, and I'm glad you found your way here. If you do read this response, please email me at the address in the "About Me" box to the right, I'd love to hear more. Anything else groovy down in that friend's basement?

  7. i just came across this and can't wait to hear it. the rare stuff indeed!

  8. I have it on good authority that Mr. Jim Fielder himself (see post) came by this very blog and downloaded this show, which was a real discovery for him, too! Thanks for stopping by, and for all the great music, Jim! I'm glad our mutual friend sent you this way.

  9. Thank you. Liked this early lineup of B,S & T.

  10. Just finding this but link dead .. can you repost? ThankYou

  11. I have wanted this recording for a LONG time, so someone who has this BS&T original line-up show, please re-post it. Also, if anyone has any LIGHTHOUSE (Canadian horn-rock group with string quartet) live, or any IF (British sax/jazz-rock band) live, please post those. I am new to these fan recordings, and they are great fun! Thanks!

  12. This show is freshly re-posted at Guitars101:


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