Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mary Margaret O'Hara LIVE on the BBC, 11/16/1989 

After a busy first week, we've ended up taking a week's hiatus here on TRS. Now let's get back down to it!

This isn't the post where I make the case for how great Ms. Mary Margaret is and how urgent it is that you get to know her only album, the unique, loopy gem Miss America. This post is mostly for those who already know, and already have so gotten, though it's also a fine place to begin your acquaintance.

And since Miss A. is Miss O's sole full-length release, aficionados will delight to discover this great, full-length concert from London's Dominion Theatre, as broadcast on the BBC. I found this on a torrent with the following credit: "Capture, Transfer & Artwork by JTT" who taped this off BBC radio and shared it. So thank you very VERY much, JTT! However, it's not to be found elsewhere online, so it deserves its spot here on The Rare Stuff; I hope Mr. T doesn't mind. The Miss America album itself is out of print and starting to climb in price (though still affordable used), but it's a bit more widely available online. If there are enough requests, though, I could make it available here as well.

Anyway, we've finally broken our string of moody, wordy white British men -- with a quirky white Canadian gal! Fun fact I just learned -- Mary Margaret is the sister of SCTV comedienne and actress Catherine O'Hara!



  1. So glad you dig it, Peter, and thanks for saying so!

  2. truly a rare treasure, from the woman i think of as one of the finest jazz singers of her generation...
    people who really enjoy her singing can find more on the soundtrack to an indie film called 'apartment hunting' and can also look to the recordings of a canadian band called The Henrys, where she has done some amazing guest vocals over the years...

    all the best,

  3. thanks very much - she's one of a kind!

  4. Dugg!??!!? I just realized -- you're Dugg Simpson!!!! It's great to see you visiting my blog! This is Jeff Rosenberg from KBOO in Portland, we've spoken a couple of times at the Festival. I'm friends with Amanda and working a little bit with her on the Portland fest; I'm compiling a CD of all of Dan Bern's appearances on KBOO as a fundraiser for it. You'll love it, I think it's as good as anything he's ever released. ! I don't know if you'll see this comment here so I will email you too. And thanks for mentioning the Henrys, I think I'll post "Chasing Grace" here soon!

  5. a wonderful gift, thank u very much !
    do you, by any chance, own the Christmas ep, and if yes would you share it ?


  6. Wow. Thanks so much for this. Much appreciated.

  7. You are a gentleman and a scholar Sir!

  8. Thank you!!!! Fantastic!!!

  9. Great blog ! Do you happen to have a set list for this one ? BTW, Mary has also done the OST for a movie, the apartment.

  10. WOW any friend of Mary Margaret is a friend of mine. Thanks.

  11. Her 1991 Christmas EP is another treasure

  12. O'so great!
    Thank you very much for this one.
    A great blog you have…
    Here's the setlist
    1. Dear Darling 5:01
    2. A new Day 4:17
    3. I'm Gonna Walk That Way Someday 4:03
    4. Have You Gone 4:11
    5. Keeping You In Mind 6:06
    6. Nothing Is Wrong 4:13
    7. When You Know Why You're Happy 6:01
    8. Blue Christmas 3:53

  13. Any chance of reupping this to a different server? I just caught MMO live in Vancouver with the Peggy Lee Band, and it was so mind (and life) altering, I thirst for more...

  14. Missed this one. ANy chance of reuploading, please?


  15. Found it. What a bunch of greedy fucks here

  16. It's really great to know that MMOH has such loyal fans.What's more important is that a steady trickle of new fans are being 'born'
    Just thought i'd let you guys know I too recorded this concert off the BBC.However I recorded 12 songs,so what happened to JTT's recording???
    I still play my tape regularly & would upload it,but am such a technophobe I wouldn't have a clue how to

  17. If there is ANY WAY you could reupload this to Mediafire or something that would be AMAZING! I have just discovered her music and would LOVE to hear this! :-)

  18. please pretty please... dying to hear this. Thank you


If you get a link, let us know what you think!