Sunday, February 27, 2011

R.E.M. - A Joyful Noise: In Time with R.E.M. [Radio Special and Exclusive Live Tracks]

Now that the hype is gearing up for REM's new album (they turned in their punctuation marks a little while ago), I figured I should finally share this great promo item I promised a few months back. What we have here is an extensive and wide-ranging interview with Messrs. Buck, Mills and Stipe on the subject of their Warners years, released to promote the compilation In Time. It also features a bonus disc with six exclusive live-in-studio recordings. In the interest of avoiding piracy, I deleted six music tracks from the interview disc, however I left in a live version of "Drive" thinking it was exclusive to this disc; now I believe it's the same "Live at Greenpeace" version from the In Time Special Edition bonus disc. Don't tell.

I hope this is a good psycher-upper for the new disc, which is really supposed to be great -- and which, after all, marks the end of the band's Warner period, the last album under their contract with the major label they've been with since 1989. Enjoy -- link is in comments.



  2. Thanks. I'll check it out.

    Ace K.

    P.S. Really, really hope the new REM is good. They've been inching closer with each new release, with the number of great/very good songs incresing and the number of duds decreasing. It might just be a coincidence, but who would have guessed that drummer Bill Berry was the most important member.

  3. thanks a lot, this will make a friend mighty happy

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