Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bob Dylan: Live at the Newport Folk Festival - One Hour Radio Documentary

Hi everyone, happy new year, and welcome back to The Rare Stuff. Sorry to followers of the blog for the long delay since my last post. 

Here's a long-promised radio special released to promote the Dylan DVD The Other Side of the Mirror, documenting his legendary appearances at the Newport Folk Festival. Despite my use of the DVD's cover art above, this file is NOT an audio rip of the DVD. Rather, it is indeed a stand-alone radio show with exclusive interviews not part of the actual documentary.

The link is in the comments. Thanks to those of you who have continued to discover the blog and leave comments during its "down time". I'll try to gear up to a more regular posting schedule -- there is certainly much that I'd like to share!

Enjoy Radio Bob.


  1. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3H5DX0YZ

  2. Thank you for this - and other - interesting downloads. Your site is certainly covering stuff not offered elsewhere. Your break recently was obviously well-earned (although I am looking forward to the rest of your postings for 2011. Thank you, again, for this one.

  3. Cool, thanks PC. Have an update for your blogroll, The Boat has a new address these days... http://ngootbredux.blogspot.com/
    Thanks, as always,

  4. Good to know you're still rockin', Willard! Thanks for the new link. Anon, you're welcome.

  5. Hello welcome back take your time but keep the candle on !!!!
    A french visitor

  6. Hey, some foul mouthed dude just ran by with an axe...a bunch of people were chasing him and they were saying "don't do it Pete"!
    Now, is that any way to behave at a Folk Festival? I'm not sure I believe the story...because if the cause of the commotion is coming from the stage, then who is brave enough to throw rocks at the bee-hive. I can't believe Mr. Seeger would risk having his ass kicked by Mike Bloomfield, that's all!

  7. Now, why would somebody mess with this link? Not a thing on this recording is commercially available in audio form! I'll repost it when I have time. But these tattletales are ridiculous.

  8. i've been looking for this for a while. if you can repost it that would be awesome, although my patience has run thin and i'm close to just buying it.


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