Sunday, September 12, 2010

Terence Trent D'Arby bootlegs, anyone?

Well, this worked when I did a "bleg" for boots by the even more obscure Winter Hours a few months back, so I can only hope some avid TTD collector will see this post and share his or her booty. (Get it, boot-y?) I'm a collector myself, at least insofar as owning on CD every track he officially released, but finding live stuff from him is exceedingly difficult -- OK, thus far, impossible. I was lucky to see him perform once in the '90s, and he was fantastic. I love all his work but actually like his most popular album, his debut, the least, compared to his sublime subsequent work -- so I would love to find some tapes of shows from later in his career, especially the Vibrator tour which was the one I saw him on. But really anything live would be great to hear. If you're out there, please get in touch, either in comments or by email (my address is under "About Me" in the right-hand column). Thanks a bunch!

Oh, and if anyone has Winter Hours boots, I'm still on the lookout for more of those, too.

More radio special goodness on the way, as well as all kinds of other Rare Stuff! Oh and a very big thanks to the individual who made a generous Paypal contribution a few weeks ago, it is GREATLY appreciated, and rest assured, the money's gonna go toward more music that will likely end up on this blog.


  1. Have you heard TTD performing with INXS after Michael Hutchence died? I don't think they officially released anything, but there are live boots. I'll dig through my CD stash and see if I can scare one up.

  2. Here's a performance I found on YouTube:

  3. me gusta este tio cantando es bueno de verdad

  4. Thanks for the info and link, JohnnyHank.

    Y gracias a usted tambien juanillo! De cual pais eres?

    Come to think of it, I'm gonna post some TTD rarities here too soon, I don't think they're widely available online and I think there are a few that didn't make it on to either the US or UK Greatest Hits comps.

  5. After hours...and hours...and hours....of searching....the only thing out there is the video of the Ohne Filter tv broadcast. It is pretty much a "legitimate" release. And it is fantastic. If you don't have it, we all know how to get it. Furk. dot. net. Takes a lonnnnngggg time to get, but worth the wait.

  6. existe un live at the shepperd bush 1995 co n gran sonido, bernardo

  7. Thanks Bernardo, but do you know how I can get a copy? Do you have it, can you upload it for us? Tienes esto? Puedes cargar? Por favor!??!?! :^)

    There are several clips on YouTube from this show. If nothing else, does anyone reading this have the ability to copy the sound from these and stitch em together into a live recording? Without too terribly much effort? That would be fabulous. There are also some good post-Hardline clips from Tonight Show and Letterman -- even Arsenio! -- on there.

  8. Those vids are amazing... I'd love to find a DVD of that Shepherd's Bush show! Damn!
    Show opener (others linked from there):

  9. yo puedo enviartelo si me dices donde. en todod caso lo tengo colgado en soulseek

  10. Bueno... no puedo usar Soulseek por que tengo un Mac.
    Si puedes, por favor enviarme esto por email a jeffrosongshow AT aol DOT com. O si lo prefiere cargar a Megaupload, digame el URL. Muchas gracias Bernardo!
    De donde eres? Espero que mi Espanol no es demasiado malo! :)


  11. So, you did get some Winter Hours. Anything worth posting? Or are links in the comments for that inquiry?

    Ace K.

    P.S. By the way, very nice intro to the Brian Wilson interview. Just because he was under the Landy influence doesn't mean what he has to say or has to sing has to be tossed out.

  12. Thanks Ace. I have been meaning to post the Winter Hours stuff but it needs some work -- it has those annoying little spaces between the tracks. I'm not too well-versed in audio editing software so I've been putting it off. Of course, maybe if I post 'em, someone else can download 'em and do the editing for me/us! Stay tuned.

  13. Hi PopCulturist,

    Did you check out his YouTube channel already?
    There is LOADS of LIVE stuff for you to enjoy, old and new:

    With musical greetings,

  14. Thanks Lily! Nice to have a visit from a representative of TTD/SM's official site. And I hope I didn't upset anyone there in a quest for bootlegs. As I said, I've already purchased everything I can, music-wise, so what's a fan to do? :) Well -- please ask the man to release some vintage live stuff on his private label or make 'em available as downloads! I'm sure he is mostly into his new music as any artist would be, but he shouldn't forget fans of the stuff he built his career on! Wny not license the footage from that Shepherd's Bush Empire show for DVD and CD release?

    Also -- BERNARDO! Que pasa? Maybe my Spanish wasn't good enough after all. Anyway, I never did get that tape from him, so if anyone else has it and can share, please do get in touch!

  15. Bernardo, if you meant you wanted to send an actual CD to me in the mail, please email me or leave your email here and I'll give you my home address; I don't want to post it here.

  16. i have a very good dvd copy from sheperd ...

    1. Do you still have it Sexymf?


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