Wednesday, August 4, 2010

R.E.M. - Just a Touch (4 live tracks)

Here's a quick-'n'-dirty post of live b-sides from a couple of R.E.M. singles. (Yes, I know the band has officially removed the "dots" from its name, but these are from back when they were there!)  I don't believe these tracks have been collected elsewhere, but if they're not as rare as all that, please forgive their presence here.

From the single for the sublime "The Great Beyond" from the Man on the Moon soundtrack come three blistering tracks from the band's appearance at the 1999 Glastonbury Festival, especially a "The One I Love" that nobody's gonna mistake for a love song, and a "Man on the Moon" with a nice bite to it as well. I had a look 'round online to see if the whole '99 Glasto set is available but didn't find it. If anyone has it to upload, please leave word -- sounds like it was a hot one!

Also included is a medley called "Time After Time Etc." containing that song, Peter Gabriel's "Red Rain", and another song from Reckoning, "So. Central Rain". They are credited as "recorded live by VARA Radio Utrecht, Holland 14.9.87", and it comes from a CD single for "It's the End of the World as We Know It" released with the 1991 Best of R.E.M. UK compilation. The single says its "another in a series of collectable cd's" each with rare/live material, but its the only one I have. Again, if anybody has the other rare tracks from these and wants to post them somewhere, let us know!

The One I Love (Live at Glastonbury)
Everybody Hurts (Live at Glastonbury)
Man On The Moon (Live at Glastonbury)

Time After Time Etc. (Live) 


  1. thanks Jeff, great songs with great sound.

    I was a huge fan back in the day where there were dots between the capital letters...

  2. Nice share, thanks much for helping to complete my R.E.M. (dots intended!) collection.


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