Saturday, June 5, 2010

Winter Hours boots, anyone?

Just a quick "bleg", haven't done this before, but I'm looking for tapes of shows by East Coast '80s folk-rock band Winter Hours.  Their sole major-label release, a self-titled album from '89, has just been beautifully reissued by the Arena Rock Recording Company indie label, by the way, and comes with a bonus download of a 1989 show.  But I'm dying for earlier shows, from their indie years, '86 give or take.  I've seen notices of torrents from this period but never had any luck downloading 'em.

Also, I'm dying for a copy of the Elvis Costello concert, April 11, 1984 at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC.  First time I saw him, unforgettable night.  I have tapes of three other shows from that same week, but again, once saw the torrent for this show but couldn't download it for whatever reason (as I said on my very first post, I've had bad luck with downloading torrents).

Any help hugely appreciated!  Willing to trade!  Thanks!


  1. No luck from me on the Winter Hours, but I would sure love to hear anything. Thanks for the tip about the reissue.

    There was one summer in Boston, MA, USA, where they were playing the hell out of "Hyacinth Girl" and you could imagine the band becoming big. Didn't happen.

    Ace K.

  2. 11th of April 1984 ? I've got it !!! How do we proceed ?

  3. here the tracklist:

    01. Accidents Will Happen
    02. Stranger In The House
    03. Men Called Uncle
    04. The Only Flame In Town
    05. Mouth Almighty
    06. Kid About It
    07. Shot With His Own Gun - Elvis on piano
    08. Just A Memory - Elvis on piano
    09. Green Shirt
    10. Worthless Thing
    11. New Amsterdam
    12. Girls Talk
    13. What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend
    14. Motel Matches - Elvis on piano
    15. Love Field - Elvis on piano
    16. Riot Act
    17. Everyday I Write The Book

    Encore 1
    18. I Threw It All Away
    19. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
    20. I'll Make It All Up To You
    21. Alison - with Living A Little, Laughing A Little

    Encore 2
    22. Home Truth
    23. Shipbuilding - Elvis on piano

    Encore 3
    24. Inch By Inch
    25. Peace In Our Time

  4. Hey, PopC,

    Don't know anything about Winter Hours, but I do have the 4-11-84 Costello Show. I have it in FLAC, with artwork and all. It is a decent audience recording (not great, but not bad - has that somewhat distant, echoey sound many audience tapes have). It is a great show, and one of only a handful of solo shows that year. I considered posting it on my blog as part of my previous Elvis feature, but I didn't think the recording quality was that great. The whole thing (refer to setlist provided by Zelig above) is about 465 MB. If you want, I can upload it to megaupload and give you the links (and also post it on my blog). Or, if you want me to email it to you (in multiple parts, due to the size), I could do that too. Let me know.

  5. Zelig and BB - thanks for the responses!

    Mr. Z, thanks for your kind offer, but would you be offended if I just asked BB to upload it for me? Since he's already up and running with a music blog and familiar with uploading etc. (which you might be too, for all I know), that might be the easiest thing. I believe you'll be o.k. with that, as the Leonard Zelig I know is nothing if not adaptable! ;^)

    BB, please proceed! If you are lacking the 4/15, /18, or /20 shows from the same week, I'd be happy to upload 'em for you, as well. The Boston show from the 18th is in near-pristine sound. I think I once heard a sample of the tape (on that torrent page) so I know whereof you speak re: quality there. Still eager to hear it, if only for that moment after the first line of "Green Shirt" where, as I recall, what seemed like the entire audience, unbidden, clapped along "1-2-3-4" with the rhythm of the song. My 5-days-shy-of-16-year-old ass thought it was the coolest thing ever!

    Thanks again. And as for those WH boots, a guy can dream...

  6. BB, thanks anyway, but reader Stefane from Bordeaux, France sent me the link to the 4/11/84 flac files -- apparently it had been added to the files linked from the Costello wiki page, since the last time I checked.

    That whole "world wide web" thing never ceases to amaze me. France!

    Thanks Stefane, BB, and Zelig!

  7. OK, PopC, glad you were able to get it. Just trying to help if I could. I did see that the Costello Wiki Page has just updated their shows (within the last week), and added dozens of new dates, including, in addition to the 4/11/84 show, a couple of the other solo '84 shows you mentioned (4/18-boston, and 4/20-rochester). I did not have these previously, so I will pick them up from there. However, if you get the chance (no hurry), I would also like to get the 4/15-NY show, whenever you get the chance to post it. Thanks. I still have to check to see what other new gems have been posted at Costello wiki pages.

  8. Yeah, I wish there was an option to see them listed in order of posting. Who can keep track of what's new?

  9. Winter Hours were always great live. i remember they played the El n' Gee club in New London ct on several occasions back in the day.
    Sometimes they had a big crowd, sometimes not so much.
    i remember the last time they played there was a Thursday night & the crowd was thin to say the least. I'm talking myself & maybe a hand full of people (& they were probably with the band). But hey still put on a great show 7 goofed around a lot. I remember them doing a smoking version of Tumbling Dice. Also, Mr Marques spied an old upright piano by the side of the stage & played along on several tracks.
    An evening of musical felicity...

  10. I have a different and sadly unique take on the El n’ Gee show that “anonymous” has referred to. It was that night that proved to be the last hammer strike to the final nail in the Winter Hours coffin. While there were 2 shows that followed one in DC and the final show in Hoboken it was the events of that night and the previous nights that proved just how much Joe’s problems had gotten out of control. Those issues that Joe was facing then would lead to his untimely death years later. In retrospect the events of that night do bring some real sadness. What may have seemed like goofing around to “anonymous” was in my opinion a very unprofessional show of disrespect to those few fans, friends, and others that came out that night. Those that were there truly deserved so much more that what was given no mater how small a crowd there was. Thankfully the recorded music continues to live on and still sounds as good as it did then without sounding dated.


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